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All entrepreneurs and business owners I know share one single ambition: to reap a reward for years of uncompensated sweat and toil, to protect the assets they have built for themselves and - most important - to leave a lasting impact,

On the way to their success, they may use equity to incentivize key talent, transition in future leaders, protect their family legacy or put their money to use in foundations, charities and other activities benefitting their communities or society at large. 


The more ubiquitous the business person is, the bigger the family and the wider the personal network, the more complicated it is to pragmatically answer the plethora of multi-layered personal, emotional, strategic, financial, legal, accounting and tax questions that come up sooner or later. 

Top 5 questions clients ask

  • I am ready to step down in a few years – yet no one can take my place. What now?

  • Should I sell the business or try building a broader base of people who could take over the business down the road? 

  • Should I give equity to keep our top people – and how do I square this with the interests of my family?

  • How do I build a long-term plan that really incentivizes our top people across the globe, while also taking care of my family’s needs after I retire?

  • Is an internal market for shares the right thing for our business, and how do I build one?

As a consultant, lawyer and accountant, I have guided many founders and their families in the design and implementation of their legacy using a myriad of instruments (e.g. partnership structures, incentive stock option plans, virtual share plans, governance and decision-making protocols, trusts, foundations, etc.). ​


Besides taking the founders by the hand, I typically work as the main global coordinator to consolidate all business, financial, tax and legal advice my clients receive from their many specialists.

Together we will make the best decisions to balance all co-ownership, incentive, succession planning and legacy objectives.

Contact me now to learn more.

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