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Networks and Associations

Global networks and associations of law, accounting and similar professional firms help their members serve their clients better. 

Yet these organizations - and their members - can suffer from organizational vulnerabilities, lack of strategic rigor and resource requests held up in member politics.  Paradoxically this often means that it is these same members which suffer and are frustrated by the global organization's efforts. 

I've helped more than a dozen global and regional networks and associations achieve great things, by evolving their strategy, governance, regional structure, referral incentives, internal operations - and by building opinion-forming programs that help leaders drive consensus.

Top 5 challenges I get often asked about

  • Evolving ineffective governance structures

  • Aligning key members around strategic fundamentals

  • Underdeveloped strategy – or an inappropriate operating model given the available resources to deliver on the strategic ambition 

  • Non-conducive referral fees 

  • Unconstructive members - and other hurdles within member firms that inhibit collaboration 

Contact me now to

  • Establish and agree a future state that is co-created and bought into by the substantial majority of your most important members

  • Develop and implement global, regional and local operating models

  • Develop implementation programs that evolve how the association creates cost synergies for its members, innovates services, attracts and retains members and helps members market to and service their clients and stakeholders

  • Evolve membership fee and referral fee programs

  • Evolve structure, governance and decision-making

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