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Partnerships, Alliances, Ecosystems

At their core, partnerships, alliances, platforms, ecosystems and all other types of collaborative business models exist to better serve your clients, customers and stakeholders. 

Each partnering relationship is unique and has its own purpose: create cost-synergies, drive innovation, develop capabilities, grow revenues, enter new markets, share data, achieve sustainability, etc. 


Yet across the board, alliances have similarities, too. To manage alliances efficiently means knowing what elements are best managed in a common way, and what elements require individual care.  And building the right resourcing model, people and infrastructure to operate them.  

Top 6 alliance management challenges people often ask me about 

  • How to build a target operating model for a portfolio of alliances or for an external ecosystem?

  • What is extended enterprise risk, and how do we best manage this new type of risk?

  • How do we operationalize partnering best practices?

  • How do we rescue an underperforming alliance?

  • What metrics could we track for our alliance portfolio – and for individual alliances?

  • How do we best leverage alliance technology? 

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Contact me now to

  • Establish an effective alliance portfolio or ecosystem

  • Ensure the success of individual partnerships across their life cycle

  • Turn around an underperforming alliance

  • Implement technology to manage your alliances effectively

About alliance technology

Alliance technology makes it easy to manage an entire portfolio of alliances in one place and to stay on top of individual partnerships for a higher ROI and c-suite impact. I am the managing director of, the intuitive alliance management SaaS platform.  Global pharma, biotechs, consulting ecosystems and technology companies across the globe use allianceboard. Please click here to learn more our state-of-the-art platform.

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