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2020 Equity Partner Contribution & Compensation - Survey Highlights

Updated: May 20, 2021

About the survey

Our 2020 Equity Partner Contribution & Compensation Survey examines current practices in relation to partner contribution and compensation management in professional firms. Our report puts these insights into a post-Covid-19 context.

More than 160 respondents were comprised mainly from those who manage the contribution and compensation process in firms: managing partners, chief executives, chief operating officers, heads of finance and human resources and board members.

Download the report

Podcast - 5 key survey insights

In this podcast, Ray D'Cruz and Michael Roch discuss the 5 key insights uncovered by the 2020 Equity Partner Contribution & Compensation Survey including:

  • Are partners co-entrepreneurs or production machines?

  • How has the partner pay gap has widened between the best and the rest?

  • What happens in a partnership when poor performance isn’t addressed?

  • Why is the partner contribution & compensation process inefficient?

  • How to fairly compensate partners who wear two hats – leadership & client service?

This podcast is reproduced in full with permission from Performance Leader.

Learn more

As reflected in the report, partner contribution and compensation is continuously evolving. To continue the discussion, we invite you to:

  • Watch the webinar (1 hour) where we discuss the 5 key insights from the report

  • Join our private LinkedIn community, moderated by me, Michael Roch

  • Talk to me directly about the report's finding and how they relate to your firm

In the coming months, we will be hosting a series of online roundtables on partner contribution and compensation. I invite you to get in touch for more details.

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