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Digitizing Your Alliance Organisation

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

5 Take Aways from Sarepta Therapeutics Journey to Digital Alliance Management

I was delighted to co-present this webinar (1 hr) with allianceboard CEO & Founder, Louis Renfret and Director of Alliance Management for Sarepta Therapeutics, Samuel Gosselin. Thank you to the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) for the opportunity to present this case study to your members.

In summary, Sarepta Therapeutics shares these 5 key take aways with ASAP members:

Why Sarepta Adopted a Digital Platform

  • Drive transparency, efficiency and scalability in alliance management

  • Strengthen engagement, alignment and visibility internally and externally

  • Free up time for high value activities

How Sarepta moved to a digital platform without a hitch

  • A lightweight but structured transition involving stakeholders yet leading the way

  • Continuously engage with the alliance team and collaborate with allianceboard as a partner

I hope you enjoy watching this recorded webinar. If you have any questions about the presentation or would like to discuss how to manage your alliances digitally then please get in touch.

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