Introducing the REMCOM Induction Course: Your Path to Mastering Partner Compensation Decisions

Are you ready to become an effective Remuneration Committee member and contribute to fair and transparent partner compensation decisions within your professional services firm?

If so, the REMCOM Induction Course is here to guide you on your journey. 

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3 Additional Bonus Modules


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Why keep this incredible opportunity to yourself? I encourage you to share the benefits of the REMCOM Member Induction course with your REMCOM colleagues. By inviting your fellow committee members to join the course, you'll collectively start from the same strong foundation, enabling all of you to work seamlessly as a united committee.

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What's Included?



Module 1: You're a RemCom Member - Now What?
Module 2: 7 Fundamental Partner Reward Structures
Module 3: The Partner Reward Trilogy
Module 4: Reward Decision Making and RemCom's Role
Module 5: Efficient Reward Rounds
Module 6: Decision-Making Heuristics and Data Prep
Module 7: Mitigating Biases in Reward Decisions
Module 8: Systematic Partner Allocations
Module 9: Trust, Fairness, and Conflicts of Interest
Module 10: Communication and Transparency
Module 11: Attributes of a Great Remuneration Policy
Module 12: Current Trends in Partner Remuneration

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 there's more! We understand that you may have questions or hesitations before committing to the course. That's why we're offering an exclusive opportunity for a one-on-one discovery call with me. During this call, you can gain valuable insights, address any uncertainties, and determine if this course is the right fit for you.

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Take your career as a Remuneration Committee member to new heights with our REMCOM Induction Course. For a limited time, enroll and enjoy a 25% discount on the course fee. Gain the knowledge and skills to shape fair partner compensation decisions, and receive bonus modules and access to a live bootcamp session

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When a minimum of 7 committee members enroll in our REMCOM Induction Course, each member will receive an exclusive 50% discount on the course fee. This is your chance to enhance your knowledge and skills in shaping fair partner compensation decisions within your professional services firm, while enjoying significant savings.

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