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Is partnering the future? Believe me - it is!  


Where do you need to go?  How do you renew your organization to drive a digital strategy?  How do partnerships, alliances, platforms and ecosystems impact on the answer these questions?  And what is "coopetition", anyway?

Let me help you cut through the complexity. Let's develop a sound strategy for your organization or partnership, and let's ensure the best possible execution of that strategy.  


Top 5 questions clients ask me about their strategy

  • Where do we compete profitably, where do we plant seeds for future returns, and how do we execute well with an optimal mix of resources?

  • How do we create value through platform-based ecosystems and external networks?

  • How do we turn data into assets?

  • How do we seed new ideas and invest in new ventures even if they compete with our current business?

  • How do we get comfortable collaborating with rivals – and competing with partners?​

Developing a successful partnering strategy to meet today’s competitive challenges is much more complex than traditional make-buy-ally decisions.  What’s required is thinking about partnerships widely to capture efficiencies, drive innovation, develop capabilities, grow revenues, enter entirely new markets, share data and achieve sustainability. 

Contact me now to construct the road ahead for your organization - with the best partners, managed in the best way possible. 


Let's create your legacy. 

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