12-Point Checklist: Is your Partner Remuneration Policy state of the art?

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12-Point Checklist: Evaluating Your Partner Remuneration Policy

Is your Partner Remuneration Policy at the forefront of industry standards? Your Partner Remuneration Policy outlines the core aspects of how profits are distributed among your partners. When crafted effectively, it becomes the central reference point for your partners, senior firm leadership, and any partner remuneration committee your firm might have.

To determine if your policy is state-of-the-art, sign up for this free comprehensive twelve-point checklist.

This tool is relevant to a wide range of stakeholders involved in shaping, implementing, or understanding the Partner Remuneration Policy within professional services firms.

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This is for you if:

  • Partners in Professional Services Firms: Partners who are part of professional services firms such as law firms, accounting firms, consulting companies, or similar organizations.
  • Senior Firm Leadership: Leaders within the firm who have a role in defining and implementing the Partner Remuneration Policy.
  • Partner Remuneration Committee Members: Individuals involved in or responsible for managing the partner remuneration committee within the firm.


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