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Hi, I'm Michael.  

I help leaders cultivate strong partnerships.  

Michael Roch

MHPR Advisors

Partnerships. Alliances. Ecosystems. 


Inspire cohesive, winning partnerships

Rely on deep, global expertise




market leaders 





About me


It's all about cultivating cohesive partnerships in pursuit of a winning strategy to make your leadership legacy a reality.  

Partnerships of all shapes and sizes have been my passion throughout my entire professional career as an accountant, lawyer and consultant. 


Beyond taking clients by the hand, I've also been in the "hot seat" as Managing Partner of an internationally operating consulting firm and as Europe Co-CEO for a global platform-based consultancy.  

My promise to you: laser-sharp partnership advice that works for your unique organization.  

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As an entrepreneur, I am intimately involved with two technologies that help leaders build successful partnerships. 

One is allianceboard, the intuitive software platform for state-of-the-art alliance portfolio and ecosystem management. 

The other is Performance Leader, the innovative partner contribution and reward technology for professional firms.

About me

About you


CEOs and Managing Partners

Boards and Remuneration Committees

Alliance Directors and Heads of Coporate Development

Founders and Entrepreneurs


Mature enterprises

Publicly-traded or privately-held, you aspire to grow in a sustainable way by leveraging collaborative, partnership-based business models.

Your sectors include pharma, technology, financial, power generation and services.  

Professional partnerships
and networks

Whether you're just starting your practice or are leading a global firm with 1,000 partners or more, you aspire for a profitable and cohesive partnership.  

As a global network or alliance of professional firms, you seek to evolve your strategy, structure or operation.  

Founder-led businesses

You want to grow your nascent business exponentially or you may be looking to pass on the baton to a future generation of leaders.

Or you may be looking to make a profound contribution to your community.  

Client Voices

This makes operations so much easier. I wish we would have done this years ago.

Alliance Manager Global Pharma, USA

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Instant Help

Sit down and work through some issues? 

Bespoke AdviCe

Want to build a roadmap or have specific outcomes in mind?  

Presentations & Workshops

Looking for a fresh impulse for your team or your partners?



Flössergasse 15

Zurich, Switzerland


Tel: +41 44 281 9225

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