Partner Remuneration Induction 

This introductory course empowers senior leaders to become highly effective Partner Remuneration Committee members.

We show you how to think about partner compensation and address the most common challenges faced by partner compensation committee members.

The course also provides practical insights on conducting partner reward rounds efficiently and on reaching fair partner compensation outcomes.

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Who this course is for

  • Partner Compensation Committee members
  • Managing Partners / CEOs
  • Senior Partners
  • Partnership Board members
  • Chief People Officers
  • Chief Financial / Operating Officers
  • Non-Executive Directors
  • Anyone interested in partner compensation
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Why you should take this course

  • Unravel archetypes: Understand the main types of partner compensation systems and their implications for your role as a RemCom member.
  • Address critical challenges: Recognize differences in partner performance and calibrate internal relativities for fair reward outcomes.
  • The Partner Reward Trilogy™: Learn how to tie partner contribution to the compensation system within the firm's governance for decisions that are fair and accepted.
  • Mitigate biases: Recognize and counter cognitive biases in compensation decisions.
  • Promote transparency: Understand what to be transparent about and what to keep opaque.
  • Practical insights: Gain skills and insights to contribute effectively within RemComs.

Course introduction


Course topics

This course is a comprehensive journey comprising the following modules:

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