Review: Deloitte study on M&A strategies in a post-pandemic environment

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Author: Michael Roch,Lead author, The Partner Remuneration Handbook (2022)

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

 In M&A emerges from quarantine, Deloitte provides a solid data update about M&A during the pandemic. An important read for any CXO, Head of Strategy, Head of Corporate Development and Head of Alliance Management.

The key considerations are:

Some results are not that surprising during and after a crisis:

  • M&A demand comes back stronger in the aftermath to release pent up demand.
  • Crisis for one means opportunity for another.

Deloitte nicely explains other more interesting facts:

  • The M&A pathways to move from recovering to changing the game.
  • Much attention paid to JVs and alliances as part of the deal equation proving that partnership-based business models are core part of any long-term strategy, across sectors.

Otherwise, it’s disappointing that Deloitte perpetuates a commonly-held misapprehension that doing a partnering deal is just like doing another merger or acquisition:

  • The success factors required around strategy, culture, due diligence, trust building negotiations, launch and transfer to an alliance management team are fundamentally different.
  • Orchestrating value creation with, giving value to and extracting value from an external partner through deal-making requires internal resourcing, capabilities and a technology infrastructure that is fundamentally different.

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Read the full article on allianceboard.

This review was first published in The Insights Review by the Internal Consulting Group.

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