Webinar - 5 Key Insights from the 2020 Partner Compensation survey

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Author: Michael Roch,Lead author, The Partner Remuneration Handbook (2022)

As part of my collaboration with Performance Leader, I was delighted to present this webinar with my co-author, Ray D'Cruz, on the 5 Key Insights from our 2020 Equity Partner Contribution & Compensation survey.

If you would like to learn more about this research, you can:

  • Listen to the Equity Partner Contribution & Compensation podcast
  • Download a copy of the report
  • Join our private LinkedIn community, which I moderate
  • Talk to me directly about the report's finding and how they relate to your firm

Roundtable Series

In 2020, we are offering a series of online roundtable events on partner contribution and compensation to follow up some of the key findings from the research.

Roundtable 1 - a new approach to partner kpis and metrics

  • Wednesday 26 August, 10am CET, 9am GMT, 6pm AEST
  • Hosted by Ray D'Cruz and Michael Roch

Roundtable 2 - compensating partners in leadership roles

  • Wednesday 28 October, 12noon CET, 11am GMT, 8pm AEST
  • Hosted by Ray D'Cruz and Nick Jarrett-Kerr

Save the date and get in touch to join the invitation list for these roundtable events.

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