Partner Remuneration Induction 

This course empowers senior leaders to become highly effective Partner Remuneration Committee members.

We show how partner reward systems operate in practice, explain compensation committee fundamentals and illustrate the principles of data analysis for bias-free partner reward decisions.

Our step-by-step approach provides practical ways to raise decision quality while increasing efficiency – translating into less time spent in partner compensation committee meetings.

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Who this course is for

  • Partner Compensation Committee members
  • Managing Partners / CEOs
  • Senior Partners/ Chairs
  • Partnership Board members
  • Chief People Officers
  • Chief Financial / Operating Officers
  • Non-Executive Directors
  • Anyone interested in partner compensation
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Why you should take this course

  • Experienced RemCom member? Get up-to-date on state-of-the-art practices for conducting reward rounds

  • New to RemCom? Quickly become an effective committee member

  • Not on RemCom? Claim your seat at the table of partner compensation decision-making

  • Address critical challenges – understand how differences in partner performance, internal relativities and market context influence reward outcomes

  • Follow a repeatable process – know which short-cuts to take and where to invest your time for the highest impact

  • Reduce time spent in Partner Compensation Committee meetings –redeploy time saved for client-facing work

  • Cut down data overload – take simple steps to prepare and analyze partner data

  • Elevate decision quality – mitigate the effect of most common cognitive biases during partner reward rounds

Course introduction


Course topics

This course comprises ten modules.

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Single user

Your course includes

  • Ten comprehensive RemCom induction video modules 
  • Bonus module: originations
  • Bonus module: partners in management roles
  • 4 hours of video content
  • Personal worksheets for download
  • Self-paced whenever it fits your personal calendar
  • Immediate and lifetime access 
USD 1,497

Multi user

For your committee and management team

  • Same as individual course bundle with multi-user discount
  • Hosted on MHPR Advisors platform – no need for firm infrastructure
  • Each RemCom member learns at their own pace whenever it fits their personal calendar

Discuss your firm's needs with us. 

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Tailored to your policies and processes

We tailor our course content to how partner reward is done at your firm – using your partner compensation policy, metrics, processes and tools

Our bespoke design includes

  • Discovery workshop with your leadership team
  • Tailoring our modules, cases and tools to how partner reward is done at your firm
  • Online workshops, recorded for future RemCom members
  • Debrief with your leadership team 

Discuss for your firm’s bespoke course design with us.

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Book by Michael

The Partner Remuneration Handbook

A Guide to Compensation in Law and Other Professional Service Firms

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